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August 18, 2013
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"There once lived a man
on the island of Windfall.
A man who's hat
was a little too tall.

'A 'blin is a 'blin,'
so said the man.
'They're all the same
no matter how small.'

'Hob's and Boko's
and Mini's galore!
They steal our food and our women,
Our children and more!'

'But wait!' said a boy,
sounding quite bold
despite the fact
he wasn't that old.

'Not all 'blins are bad'
The boy said in a rush
'I mean, I've met a few...'
he said, in a hush.

'Not all 'blins,' said the boy,
'are all those bad things,
'Why I've met 'blins that can read, and speak,
And one even sings!'

'Rubbish!' Cried the man,
who's hat was too tall.
'All 'blins are evil!
All of them! All!'

But the boy knew no fear.
None of the sort.
So he took a breath,
and lashed out his retort.

'You say all 'blins are evil,
no matter what kind?
then so, might I ask:
What of mankind?'

'We steal from eachother,
we steal more than you think!
We steal things so fast
its gone before you can blink!

'When people need houses,
we'll start at a shore.
As more people come,
we take more and more.

'We build where we want,
with no thought or care.
We take over an island,
and then we won't share.

'We force out the monsters,
they were already here.
we force them from their homes,
because they fill us with fear.

'We steal from them.'
Yelled the boy, his face red with rage,
the kind of anger you don't see
in a boy quite his age.

'It's different' Said the man,
who was quite out of sorts
because he himself
didn't have any retorts.

'We need places to live...
and the 'blins, they just steal.'
'Did you think,' said the boy,
'To ask how they feel?'

'To ask what they think
Of sharing, with we.
The land where they live,
if peace, there could be?'

The man shook his head,
he had no retort.
How had this boy, half his age,
had ideas of this sort?

'I think we should be kind,
Invite them to live here!'
The gathered people all gasped...
...then they started to cheer.

They invited the 'blins,
but at first some were wary,
for a lot of the humans
still found them quite scary.

But the few that believed
in that kindhearted boy,
Welcomed the 'blins to their island,
with nothing but joy.

It was strange to the 'blins
because mostly, at first
they still thought they must steal,
that they were still the worst.

But that young boy,
He let the 'blins stay.
In his home of all places!
He said he liked it that way.

He found his friend,
the talking little 'blin.
'This house is yours' he said,
'for you to stay in.'

He showed them around,
all over the place.
Three floors, a basement,
it wasn't a small space.

But the best part, they thought
as they looked on with glee,
The best part of all,
was an all-purpose bait tree.

It sat in the yard,
it was constantly in bloom.
And it always had fruit,
enough, he siad, to fill a small room.

'Go ahead and eat. It's yours,'
said the boy.
'Eat your fill, I insist!
Please, enjoy!"

He patted his friend's head,
she was shorter than he,
before lifting her up,
to pick the first one from the tree.

'While some 'blins are bad,
but a whole bunch are good.'
The boy said with a grin,
'With those we'll share land, shelter, and food.'

'What's mine is yours.'
The boy said to the 'blin.
'I hope you'll teach that
to the rest of your kin.

'You don't need to steal
or kidnap or take.
but if you feel you have to,
remember the stake.'

'People like you now,
and if you ask me...
That's a great treasure.
the best on the sea.'

So he went inside,
left under the tree.
as 'blins came about
from all over the sea.

The moral, dear readers,
it's not that contrice.
It's quite simple, you see.
You just need to be nice.

Be kind to an enemy.
Be kind to a foe.
Treat them as friends,
and then you might know.

We're all quite the same,
Way down in our hearts.
When no one is fighting,
That's where true peace starts."
A short poem I wrote in response to :iconask-miniblin:'s 18th Q&A post. It garnered enough positive responses for me to consider, and put forth turning it into its own full-on update.

The poem itself is an obvious parody(sort of?) of Dr. Seuss's "Horton Hears a Who" and the line "A Person's a Person, no matter how small." In all truth the line "A 'blin is a 'blin" was the initial inspiration behind this entire thing. It was all thought up while I was at work, and typed up at a library shortly after getting out.

I hope you all like it!

LoZ and all related articles (C) Nintendo.
"Horton Hears a Who" and its rhyming meter (C) Dr. Seuss
Tanya the Miniblin (C) :iconask-miniblin:
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((Hey, hey, you forgot to tell me you made the poem into a deviation! :XD: I only noticed just now when I was looking back at the comments on some of the previous questions. ^^; (I still like it by the way. :meow: )))
toaofshyakugan Sep 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry! I can't believe that skipped my mind! @.@
((Haha, it's okay. :aww: ))
Awww...cute!  May I hug some blins?
toaofshyakugan Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well that's up to you... and up to them I guess *sweatdrop* Blins will be blins after all. While some of 'em aren't bad, I can't exactly say that for all of them...
FoxyFire73 Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It makes me smile. (: see?
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