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It's not much, but it seems I have things for sale...





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Just started an "Ask the Artist" Thing so if you want to know about who and what I am now, go ahead and ask!


Okay, I give. My resolve broken. I have made an 'ask' blog for the misfits. Just head on over to askthemisfits on tumblr and have at it. =/


I support this

so if you give me a llama, you can probably expect one back =3


Okay, turns out my computer is being stupid and it won't let me give llamas right now... So if you do give me one I'll hold onto your names and give you all llamas when I can! Oh, and the misfits tumblr has been re-located to a sub-blog.

I also have my own over at
At what you ask? (okay, so there's no one to ask that really. oh well, I don't care. I'll ask myself.)

I'm going to start another webcomic. Though, sadly, this one will not be able to be hosted here on DA. At all. Why? Excessive Gore, nudity, adult themes, you get the gist.

So, if I won't be posting it here, why am I relaying this information to the five people who actually pay attention to my ramblings?

Because I have no idea how to do up a site for a webcomic. Yup. I'm asking for a tutor.

There it is.

Moving on, the webcomic itself will be about the exploits of my friends and I's Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Initially it will start with our BoEF campaign. ("Book of Erotic Fantasy" for those who don't know.) Later it will delve into the inter-connected net of campaigns we have acquired that all seem to exist in the same canon. Characters from each will be introduced and the story will weave itself into a larger story that culminates in the adventures of multiple adventuring parties, spread out over years.

Yes, this is quite the endeavor. However, one of the two major contributing factors to why I can't finish anything is removed!

Those factors are: Motivation and Inspiration.

Inspiration is taken care of! It's a D&D campaign, someone else is at the controls, we just get to help veer them in different directions. With this in mind the comic could go any direction that may or may not be in my control. Heck, someone could die later on! We don't know yet.

Certain storylines ("Old" campaign has been discontinued/Completed via Divination spells[we didn't want to continue so we just explained what would happen and said "There. it's been divined. that's what happens, we're done with it."] and so it is set in stone how that one resolves.) are already completed, but we're starting from the beginning of it all with "BoEF".

So far, there are 4 stories to be told.

- The "Mini" campaign (MC) (which has yet to begin) is apparently set 100 years before the events of BoEF. (it hasn't begun yet, this is subject to change at the time. Events here will be given their own special place and possibly end up as a flashback chapter every now and then.)
- BoEF at the forefront, starting the entire set of events in motion in the comic.
- The "Big" campaign (with six PC's) follows up, set four years after the conclusion of "Boef"
- And the "Old" campaign. (Which is complete, and ends the storyline for now. It begins 10 years after the conclusion of "BoEF".)

Now for a bit of a description of the setting, without giving away too many spoilers.

"BoEF" starts with three people: Onstrōk Jigglebig, Kirah Il'Punani, and Ki. 

Onstrōk is a Gnome Tantrist (An *ahem* Sex Wizard), Kirah is a ditsy human grapple-rouge, and Ki is a Shapeshifter charisma-rouge (mainly intimidate).

I know what you're thinking. Two rouges and a wizard? No Fighter? No Cleric? Well, to be fair the campaign was started as a bit of a joke. A fun campaign to break myself and Ki's controller into the roleplay aspect of D&D. (no, that's not a double-entendre  or a pun. Neither of us were very good at the interactions aspect of D&D, which was one of the factors that lead to the failing of the "Old" campaign.)

There's also a reoccurring cast of supporting characters that fill certain roles. While one is a secret until you meet him, the other is "Merrik, the Cleric". Now, if any of you have ever heard of the elusive Merrik, guess what. Our DM is his original creator. If you've never heard of him, he's apparently moderately famous (or infamous) with a vow of celibacy and a habit of accidentally falling into sexual encounters. Yes, Accidentally. Don't ask, I couldn't tell you.

Merrik runs the Temple of Sharess, essentially the goddess of Porn. (in comparison to Sune who would be the goddess of Erotica, or Selune the goddess of the moon and true love. Or worse, Shar the goddess of BAAAAD sex.)

Well, okay. Technically speaking he's the bartender there. But I digress.

The three of them get sent on a quest for a member of the city of Calimshan's political movers. A simple quest. Go here, get this, bring it here. Again, no spoilers.

Well, things go south, get harder, and... you'll have to just keep up with the story to find out where it goes! I've set it up, it's up to you to follow it through.

Now... as for motivation... that's a whole 'nother obstacle. If I can get more than my D&D group in on this to persuade me (and a site where I can have possibly a *ahem* "Mature" comic without getting in trouble, that'd be great. No really, it would.) I'll work my hardest on keeping up with a schedule, even if it's only once a week on updates. The more support I get (and the more free time I have) the more effort will go into pages.

We have some sketches of characters for BoEF drawn up (three of them so far from the starting cast) that I can actually upload here eventually. So look out for those!

Oh, and a note: House rule says an INT over 16 allows fourth-wall leaning. So enjoy constant real-world references, in-jokes, and puns. Oh the rainbow sea-cow there will be puns.

For now, D&D belongs to its current owners (Not WotC if I remember correctly)
and Onstrōk, Ki, and Kirah all belong to their respective PC's,Mr. Jigglebig being my own.
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